Our culture. Our language. Our stories.

They are all are part of a rich oral history passed down for generations. Sharing our experience requires our voice. And our voice requires our breath. Smoking tobacco stifles our traditions. 
Honor our people. Honor our story. Honor our future.

A Story That Must Be Told.


Don’t let tobacco use prevent us from telling our story. Our people our having their voices taken away by smoking. Keep what’s on our lungs, on our tongues. Tell the story.


Traditions Shouldn't Become Addictions.


When we honor every breath, we honor where we’ve been. Keep nicotine from our lungs… to save more breath for telling our story.

Honor Tradition Safely

Be Resilient. Stop the Smoke.

We are steadfast in keeping our families safe from harm. The same goes for the habits we let consume our lives. Tobacco has no place in our communities.

Group 809

How It Impacts Us

Lakota populations smoke

commercial tobacco at twice

the rate of the general

population. Don’t let it take

our family members, friends

and neighbors from us.

Group 810

How It Impacts the Vulnerable

The expectant mothers in our

communities are especially

susceptible to the dangers of

nicotine — from cigarettes, to

vape pens, to hookah.

Group 813

How It Impacts Children

Vape pens, e-cigarettes and

JUUL are being used to get

our youngest community

members addicted. It’s

unsafe, it’s unhealthy and it’s

keeping our children sick.

You Are Not Alone.

We value community and are stronger as a people when we look out for one another. When you or a loved one are addicted to tobacco products, there are ways out of that addiction.


Phone Coaching

No-judgment support throughout your journey—connect with a trained Quit Coach to identify your triggers and build a strategy catered to you. Best of all? It’s free!


Kickstart Kit

Take advantage of free medication to help you step-down on your own — including patches, lozenges or gum, and a Quit Guide to help you kick your nicotine habit.


Quit Guide

Want a beginner step toward quitting? Receive a free workbook to help you prep and get ready to quit on your own time, at your own speed.